Waterfalls & Ancient Forests

Mt. Field, located within an hour from the capital of Tasmania is the oldest National Park in the State. Due to its close proximity from Hobart this park makes access for all so easy. The park is full of diversity in nature, ranging from the spectacular waterfalls or Russell, Horseshoe and Lady Baron Falls to the alpine region and Lake Dobson where you are greeted with breathtaking Pandani Groves and glacial lakes. 

The park includes many short walks, most impressively through the giant old growth forests and waterfalls areas. Its very easy to spend a day exploring the park as its simple to split the day into Waterfalls and Forest to Alpine and unique alpine flora. 

The Workshop

Our Mt. Field Tasmanian Photography Workshop is a simple one day workshop. Due to the location, Mt. Field really is the perfect place to host a photography workshop. There is everything we need in such a compact little park. The workshops starts with patrons collected from Hobart and then driven the scenic route to Mt. Field National Park. We are greeted at the park by the beautiful Tyena River and tall trees. A quick briefing of the days events and we are off into the Tasmanian Wilderness. This workshop is perfect for travellers who have limited time but really want to capture the essence of the Tasmanian wilderness.

Mt. Field is always on the list of places to visit in Tasmania and our workshop ensures that you will see all parts of this amazing National Park. Russell and Horseshoe Falls are a highlight of this trip, with Russell Falls arguably the most popular waterfall in Tasmania. From the waterfalls we will then venture into the giant old growth forests. These guardians of the park look down upon us from over 80 metres above. A brilliant circuit walk through the forests will guarantee you to feel in awe of nature and why places like these are so important. 

The last stop in the workshop is the very top. The top of Mt. Field and the alpine wonderland that awaits. A circuit walk of Lake Dobson will allow you to walk through the famous Pandani Groves and glacial lake regions. This area of Mt. Field is special and you will be struggling to put the camera down. You will be asking us for a few extra minutes to make some more photos. 

The workshop has access to everyone of all physical limits. There are no super hard walks or bushbashing routes in this park. Everything is accessible and we can finish the days work off with a nice coffee or hot chocolate at the Waterfall Cafe. 

What is included?

  • Transfers and transport during the workshop
  • All park passes and associated costs
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Full Tuition

What is NOT included?

  • Airfares to and from Tasmania
  • Food/Meals

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